How to claim

Follow this simple process to submit a claim:

In the event of a death, you will have to lodge a claim on the deceased person's funeral policy so that it can be assessed. This you can do either by calling us on 011 680 1338 or Email .

The following documents are required in order for the claim to be efficiently assessed:

  • Bluke Claim notification form (available on the website)
  • Certified* copy of death certificate
  • Certified* copies of principal member and deceased ID documents
  • Certified* copy of claimant's ID document
  • Copy of member's application form (where applicable)
  • Proof of banking details for the beneficiary i.e. stamped bank statement from your bank which is not older than three months

* Documents to be certified by a Commissioner of Oaths

Call to ask for a claim notification form for documents to be submitted for different types of dependents' claims.

All the documents can be submitted via:

Please note that Bluke reserves the right to request further documentation or information as it may deem necessary to accurately assess the claim.